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Article by Phoebe Burt March 14, 2017

© Idlside

In preparation for milk’s upcoming event milk takeover: Stereo, Phoebe Burt sat down with Idlside – a five-part indie rock band. Our interview with the headlining band involved chatting to the band’s singer Thea and their two guitarists, Dan and Ben, in preparation for their performance on 16 March.

 So, could you start by telling me who you are?

D: Idlside is a high energy indie rock band who play upbeat, happy music!


And for the name Idlside, where did that come from?

T: I came up with it!

D: Yeah after a lot of arguing… we even lost band member over the name.

T: Yes we did, but that’s business I guess! I wanted a name that was three syllables and that sounded like something important but that meant nothing, a bit like the band Kodaline.


Now, since you’re our headliners for milk takeover: Stereo on Thursday what would you say is the best thing about headlining an event?

B: Freedom. Being the headliner means we have more creative freedom over our set and our performance.

T: Yeah and alongside this we get a longer set, so we have the freedom and time to play more music from our new EP.

D: But headlining also comes with great responsibility, we must make sure everyone is having a good time so it’s good but also nerve wracking. No pressure!


We are sure you’re going to be brilliant, don’t worry. Since you mentioned your new EP, what creative influences inspired the EP and Idlside?

B: For me, it has to be Biffy Clyro. I saw them open for Muse at Wembley Stadium. It was four or five in the afternoon, complete daylight with poor sound yet they were still amazing. They’ve only grown bigger and bigger from that day and are now one of the biggest bands in the country. Watching Biffy Clyro’s success made me realise that if you keep going, keep trying, you’ll get to where you want to eventually.

T: For me personally it’s the band Father Son. I’ve watched their progress and popularity grow; from seeing them perform in tiny venues to now where, not only have we met them but are also hoping to support them live!

D: Coldplay. I mean, Chris Martin knows how to write songs doesn’t he! I also think it’s cool how well they’ve done off the fact people hate them, they’ve turned the hate into good PR and it has made them millions.


Beside influences on the band, what are your personal favourite artists right now?

B: That’s what I like by Bruno Mars, I’m seeing him next month and can’t wait. I want to be him.

T: The boys will hate me for this but I love Lorde’s new single, Green Light. It’s a song you either love or hate but I love it.

D: I can’t stop listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album. I never listened to his old stuff but this new album is so good.


Since we will be seeing you all at Moles on Thursday, have you got any band recommendations for milk’s readers?

B: Last Hyenas. They’re a MathRock band from Bristol. Yeah, we know, MathRock sounds weird but honestly, they’re really good.

T: Yeah, they’re really clever. There’s no singing just loads of changing time signatures and the guitarist is a cool Bristolian barista, he can do the cool latte art and everything.

D: They’re featuring on BBC Introducing soon so catch them on there.


So moving away from music, if you weren’t all in Idlside what career do you think you would be pursuing?

B: I can’t imagine not being involved in music so if I wasn’t in a band I’d probably be in the music tech business, or maybe working in producing studios.

T: I love plants and animals and all things nature. So maybe a farmer? Yeah, anything where I can grow things would be nice.

D: I reckon I’d be a maths teacher. Although, saying that, I failed A Level maths so I’m not really sure…


And finally, what is the future for Idlside?

B: More music, we’d love to have an album out by the end of the year. We’ve got an EP so now onto an album.

T: We’d love to travel the world playing our music to as many people as possible, that’s the dream.

D: Hello Wembley!!


Thanks Idlside, we can’t wait to see you perform!


© Idlside 

Catch Idlside headline at milk takeover: Stereo on Tuesday 16 March. For more information go to the Facebook event here.

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