Five must-haves for decorating your student bedroom

July 1, 2019

Publishing and Creative Writing student Katie Watson shares her top five essential items for turning your bland student room into your own personal sanctuary.

If you’re a student living away from home, sprucing up your bedroom is essential when it comes to feeling at home while you’re at university. Add some creativity and individual flair to your room by adding some of these items to your new student bedroom.

Floating glitter photo frames

Photographs are always a great way to decorate your room, whether they are stuck up on your bulletin board or in a frame. The floating glitter photo frame integrates both of these styles in a fun and unique way. There is a whole range of different glitter colours, proportions and sizes and they’re a nice reminder of good moments with friends – both from your hometown and your university.

Novelty cushions

Tired of your room’s tedious colour scheme? Can’t paint the walls even if you wanted to? Not a problem. There are cushions in many different shapes, colours, sizes, patterns and fabrics which you can coordinate to fit your own personal style. Try adding one or two cushions to your bed as your very own statement piece. My personal favourite is a rose-gold, heart-shaped sequin pillow from Typo. It’s velvety soft on one side and has reversible sequins on the other, which you can run your fingers through as a stress reliever.

© Design Ecologist

A letter lightbox

Create your own personalised message with emojis using a bespoke letter lightbox. Ranging from A5 to A3 in size, you can place it on your desk, bedside table or windowsill.  You can use it to remind you of your favourite quote, life motto, pets, or even as a glowing nightstand to give your room a unique luminescence.

Artificial plant pots

Flowers arrangements and plant pots are always an elegant way to dress up a room, no matter what the season. However, as a student plants are not always a priority on your shopping list. An artificial plant pot is a perfect no-maintenance alternative to achieve a similar look without the hassle. You can buy bright, patterned and fun coloured pots to add extra vibrancy.

© Julia Stepper


This is one of the most practical – but fun – decorating ideas, as it can help fill up a dull-looking space on your wall whilst also keeping you organised. Although it is a good idea to have a diary or planner on hand during the day, you can keep this in your room. It’s a great reminder of any imminent dates or deadlines, and doodle on it as you please.

A version of this article was previously published on Katie’s personal blog, which you can visit here.

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