Review of Rhys Lewis’s ‘In Between Minds’ EP

May 3, 2019

Review of Rhys Lewis's 'In Between Minds' EP

The Evocative and Melodic Rhys Lewis’s In Between Minds EP

Rhys Lewis’s new EP, In Between Minds (2019) via Decca Records; the singer-songwriter addresses relationships and their closure and beginning. His soft voice and acoustic guitar playing create a smooth composition, where each song is eased into gently. The first song, ‘Hold on to Happiness’ plays a kind of eulogy to a partner: ‘Well, I miss talking late at night/ Getting drunk on cheap red wine/ Yeah, we were so close’.



The other songs on the five-track album are ‘Better Than Today‘, ‘End Like This‘, ‘Lonely as Love‘ and ‘Things You Can’t Change‘. Each song is like a snapshot of his most personal memories and how fleeting time can be.

Rhys Lewis says that ‘Hold On To Happiness‘ was a huge emotional release in a recent interview with CelebMix:

 I wrote this song to remind myself that we are all going through something, there’s darkness and uncertainty in everyone’s life and I’m not alone in feeling lost in those moments.


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He’ll be starting his tour in May, he has venues in Hamburg and London, not to mention that his show in Omeara has already sold out! He has played extensively over two years, opening shows with Freya Ridings, Sigrid, James TW, and JP Cooper.

Rhys Lewis’s debut track, ‘Waking Up Without You‘ (2016) is the conceptual song about love and heartache, offering a threshold for most of his work in 2019.

The emotive artist had the name for the first song on his phone. And while he and Aidan Glover were in their studio in South London, he played a chord progression and he started to sing lyrics that just flowed out, without warning. He spent months tweaking those lyrics with Aidan, it came to him that he shouldn’t rush the idea he had.

Some songs take a day to write, others take months, so don’t stop working on something until you’re sure it’s the best it can be.

If you haven’t booked your tickets for his In Between Minds Tour then do it now, Omeara, London has sold out and it will only be a matter of weeks before the other venues do as well!

So don’t ‘waste the untamed seconds of the day’ and listen to this soulful and brutally honest EP because it is AVAILABLE everywhere now.

Photo Credits: Rebecca Homer 

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