Review: Shoot the Moon and Eat your Greens

Article by Phoebe Burt February 22, 2017

On Monday 6 February, Bath Spa University’s very own Eat your Greens held The Greenerie at Moles in Bath. milk’s Marketing Manager Phoebe Burt and Brand Designer Courtney Lawrence had the opportunity to attend. It was a night that was enjoyed by many, introducing a whole new genre of music. Eat your Greens headlined the event with their reggae rock music, channelling the same mix of high energy and chilled vibes as their reggae brothers, Skindred and Iration.

The band played a vast selection of songs, succeeding in creating both an exciting and relaxing ambience – we particularly loved their track ‘Jungle’ (available on Spotify and iTunes). The room at Moles filled up quickly with new and old fans of the band.

© James Burwell

The support act was equally brilliant. Bristol-based band Shoot the Moon were founded in 2007 and put on a set that made us immediate fans. Playing their hit tracks such as Tank Top and Doghouse, Shoot the Moon introduced a refreshing mix of punk/ska music that was not only original, but also electrifying. You can next catch them at The Godney Gathering festival on 15 July where they will, no doubt, bring the same upbeat performance witnessed at The Greenerie.

Overall, the night brought those festival vibes back – despite it being a cold Monday evening. Fairy lights, patterned throws and lots of drinking made us feel like we were back at our favourite summer festivals like Boomtown or Glastonbury. We loved the freshness of the music and buoyant vibes that made a revitalising difference from your average pop club night. So, from us here at milk, we highly recommend both bands to you and hope that you’ll join us at The Greenerie’s next time. Take a listen to our favourite tracks below and follow Eat Your Greens and Shoot The Moon for all the details on their next events.

Feature image: © James Burwell

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