Alternative Band ‘Mauwe’ Take Bristol by Storm

March 28, 2019

Alternative Band ‘Mauwe’ Take Bristol by Storm


The young Bristol duo-band members of Mauwe (pronounced Mo-Wee) have got people’s attention in the Indie Pop genre. Since they started in 2017, these long-time friends have produced and recorded a range of electronic tracks that have influenced Bristol’s music industry. Their first E.P is called ‘The Art of Letting go’ and was released on April 13, 2018. They’ve recently brought out a new single, ‘Sexy Glass’ which came out on March 28, 2019.


Mauwe’s new single, ‘Sexy Glass’ cover photo





What’s the name of your band?



Have you changed the band’s name before?

It’s always been Mauwe. It’s an unusual and made-up word and stands out in its own way; it’s not like the word can go obsolete, and in that way, it’s always new for the audience.


Please list the age and instrument of each member.

It’s me, Jay, and Portia and we’re in our twenties. I’ve always used the same microphone and feel comfortable there, and the same goes for Portia.


How long have you known each other/ how did you meet?

We’ve known each other since college and living in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The only time we really got together and talked about music was when we were both working at the same restaurant in Bristol. From there, we’d meet up and listen to tracks and think what slant we could put on it.


What genre of music do you consider your work to be/ what do you consider your major influences?

So the genre of our music is indie pop and our influences are Louis Child and Incubus.


What made you want to make music together?

Well, the first time I heard Portia’s voice I knew that’s what I wanted in my songs and the combination of her’s and my voices would work really well together. Her voice was quite hushed and added a nice quality to our genre of music.


Do you have a record label?

No, we’re keeping it small and playing at loads of concerts to get an audience. Portia and I like the thought of working for ourselves and doing things in our own time; it means we can get the most out of our own music before it goes out into the world.


Are you subject to brand loyalty or will you play with whatever’s available?

I, personally, like to keep to the same instruments, as we’re quite minimalist and like to the advantage of one instrument. Portia and I will import electronic sounds and recordings of natural sounds: like a train coming into the station, and place these snippets into the songs. Also, I’ve always worked with my voice from an early age and it’s something I want to keep developing, and not getting distracted with other instruments on the go.


What is the style/colour of the band?

The colour scheme of our band is pink, but if we’re not using pinks we’re using pastel colours to further the band’s brand image. Pink is simple to use and blends in nicely with the indie pop genre of our band – as being soft and not overstated. Our style is Indie Pop and Electronica and we released our first EP earlier this year and released our new single, ‘Balcony Dreams’, in November.


Do you ever play any covers?

At the moment we’re just playing our tracks and listening to them back, wondering if there’s anything we can do to make it more creative and finalized. Also, it gives us more time on finding our voices as a two-person band, we’re quite limited anyway.


Where have you performed and what are your favourite venues?

Okay… so we’ve performed at the Louisiana in Bristol quite a lot, and it happens to be one of our favourite venues. We’ve also played at the 02 Academy and a bit at Lakota. I remember playing our debut track, ‘That’s all’, at the Louisiana and played to a huge audience; that was great and made us even popular. ‘DIY’ Magazine picked us up in Bristol and has written a review about our new EP, to create hype. We hope to perform in London (as a new venue). However, nothing’s been said as yet as we’re pretty busy in Bristol at the time of our new EP release.


Could you briefly describe the music making process?

That’s a very broad question, hahaha. Well, Portia and I listen back to the tracks and think about how to layer those and what sorts of sounds we can play with to edit them. What sounds didn’t work the first time, we cut, and then we add new sounds to make the vocals in the song more atmospheric. When we feel we’ve perfected it enough, we will put them on streaming sites: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. We recently took a trip to London, and in Camden, we started to record and develop our new song, ‘Balcony Dreams’. On a balcony overlooking Finsbury Park in London, we recorded the train coming from the Piccadilly line and we tried to keep its essence for the song.

Photo Credits: Lily Batten (Infectious PR)

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