Five Apps That Promote Well-Being

Article by Abigail Bickle January 22, 2016

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The beginning of the year is often quite a stressful time. Christmas is over and it’s back to college, back to university, back to work. The weather is terrible, deadlines are looming, and money is tight after the frenzied present buying of December. Sometimes it’s hard to stop things getting on top of you.

Sound familiar? If so, the following apps might help to make things a little easier.


Headspace is a great meditation app for beginners. Simply sit back and relax as the calming voiceover guides you through a ten minute meditation session. Headspace is designed to be used once a day for ten days. The short length of these daily sessions makes meditating alongside a busy schedule easy and accessible. And, this app isn’t just for beginners, if you require a longer or more intense session, subscription options are available.

Plant Nanny

The purpose of this app is to ensure that you’re drinking enough water during the day. If you often find yourself forgetting to drink regularly this is definitely the app for you. Just select a plant to look after and every time you water it, water yourself too. You can also set yourself reminders during the day to help you remember to have a drink and keep hydrated.


Flowy is a game-based app designed to help with anxiety and panic attacks. The aim of the game is to steer your boat through obstacles and collect gold coins on your way. The app instructs you when to breath and, as you do, your boat will move forward through water. It’s a great way to concentrate on getting back into a regular and calm breathing pattern, whilst also distracting you from your worries.

Mood Tools

This app is full of incredibly helpful information for those who experience symptoms or suffer from depression. Mood Tools is exactly that, tools to help you deal with your low mood. These include fact sheets, videos, sound bites and even Ted Talks. There are various sections, but the one most helpful is ‘Safety Plan’ which contains useful numbers, guided help and coping strategies to be used if ever you find yourself in a time of crisis or emergency.

Yoga Daily

This app contains various different yoga workout sessions and programs, as well as the option to share your progress with others through its community feature. It’s great for both beginners and regular yogis; there are several levels of difficulty you can choose from and each pose is demonstrated and explained. The sessions are also tailored to combat specific issues such as, ‘Quick Stress Relief’ and ‘Yoga for Better Sleep’.

Why not try out one of these apps to help with your well-being and let us know your thoughts @MilkBathSpa

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