Making Student Houses More Homely

Article by Megan Vincent-Pearsall February 6, 2017

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It’s a new year and as you look around your rooms at university, whether it be in halls or a student house, you may feel somewhat uninspired. Megan Vincent-Pearsall gives you ideas about simple and affordable things which can make your house feel a little more homely.

Succulent © Waitrose Garden


A simple and effective way of sprucing up any of your rooms is to get a potted plant. Lots of indoor plants don’t need much attention, so if you’d like a plant that only needs watering when you remember about it, try a succulent or cactus. Pick up a plant from your local supermarket, like this delightful succulent from Waitrose for only £6.99.

Happy Cloud Fairy Lights © Lisa Angel on Not on the High Street

Fairy Lights

An obvious but popular choice to make your home feel more comfortable is by adding some fairy lights, which can be hung on a bed frame, or around a picture or mirror. However, try getting a more colourful or personal set of lights like these happy face cloud lights for £10 or something unique like gin bottle fairy lights.

© Ikea


Rugs are a great way to instantly add colour and personality to any room with very little effort on your part. You can use rugs to add small splashes of colour to a neutral room; we found these rag rugs for only £5 at Ikea.

Teal Geo Throw © TK Maxx


Blankets and throws are a great way to make your sofa or bed a lot more interesting and cosy. Not only are they hugely practical for those cold nights throughout winter, but they brighten up a cream or brown sofa with bright colours. Take a look at the great range in TK Maxx, like this blue blanket for £16.99.


Floral Printable Art Print © HeartofLifeDesign on Etsy


When you think of prints and art for your home, it is easy to assume that it would be expensive. However, this doesn’t need to be the case: you can buy a second-hand frame in a charity shop for about a pound! From here, either draw your own masterpiece or how about print out a picture such as this floral print from Etsy.


Alphabet Candles © Next


Candles are a simple way of making your student house feel more homely. Candles will instantly make you feel happier and more relaxed; light them during a movie night to set an atmosphere, or simply use them to fill the empty space on the mantle piece. These scented alphabet candles from Next are only £4 and can help you achieve a more personal touch to any room!


Feature Image:  © Unsplash Via Pixabay / Creative Commons Public Domain

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