Review: Great Eats on the Bath Craft Pizza Scene

August 22, 2018

Review: Great Eats on the Bath Craft Pizza Scene

Craft pizzas, made in traditional wood-fire ovens, have been a huge trend here in the UK for some years now. Here in Bath, we’re pretty ahead of the game for such a compact city, writes Leah.

You can find a decent pizza on every corner in Bath city centre: Bath Pizza Co, The Real Italian Pizza Co, Dough, to name a few. One of my absolute favourites though, is The Oven. They’re a Bath Life Award finalist, and one of their chefs won pizza chef of the year in 2016. But their awards aren’t all that make them special: really, the proof is in the pudding (or pizza, but we’ll get to that). The Oven are expanding too, and have recently opened up a sister takeaway shop for pizza by the slice.

The Oven

The Oven is pretty small, considering how popular it is. They always seem to be busy, and they always certainly are – especially when the sun is shining. I’ve always loved Bath for its Italian-European vibe: the architecture, and the alfresco restaurants. The Oven epitomises this for me, with its windows opening into the street and the clattering of forks and clinking of wine glasses as you walk past.

On my second and most recent visit to The Oven (and hopefully not the last!), instead of opting for the tomato base I always hover towards, I went for a pesto based pie (£11). The Oven pride themselves on their ingredients, and the pesto base was covered in a fresh fior di latte mozzarella, as well as Italian prosciutto, plum tomatoes and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts.

With the pizzas taking just 90 seconds to cook, you’ll be satisfied in no time. If you want a quick dinner fix, The Oven is an obvious choice, with a lively bustling atmosphere to accompany your food. This can have a tendency to make the dining experience feel a little rushed – especially when there are queues out the door. But don’t let this stop you from saying ‘yes!’ to the dessert menu.

Be sure to arrive at The Oven with an empty stomach, because after your pizza you should definitely try their Tiramisu (£5). If you can’t handle all that food, perhaps consider sharing with a friend. Originally, this restaurant was recommended to me by actual Italians, which I think says it all, really.

The Slice

If you’re after a cheap lunch fix, or something special for a summer picnic, The Slice have you covered. At weekday lunchtimes, for £5, you’ll get a sizeable slice of pizza, an arancini ball and a soft drink of your choice (with the option of paying a little extra for a refreshing Italian beer). Fear not: they have a vegan option on offer, and it’s there until they sell out.

For a friendly price, The Slice doesn’t compromise on the range of toppings and quality of their pizza base. On my visit, I went for a slice of the Mortadella (£3.50). This was a fior di latte mozzarella based pizza, topped with a slice of lightly smoked italian ham, fresh plum tomatoes, extra fresh mozzarella and basil. Simple flavours for a beautiful summer’s day. The dough base, like the conventional one at the oven, was crisp on the edges yet pillowy inside.

With The Slice in town, Bath feels even more like a little English Rome. Take your slice away and eat it whilst contemplating the palladian architecture of the city.

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