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Insight into Industry: Tips from Urban Outfitters’ Content Manager

August 29, 2018

Insight into Industry: Tips from Urban Outfitters’ Content Manager

With today’s competitive job market, fresh-out-the-robe graduates need more than just their degree to get noticed. You need some hands on experience and to have some insight into the industry. Showcase commissioning editor Sami spoke to Georgie Gough, the Online Content Manager over at Urban Outfitters Europe, about her role for all you aspiring editors.

Sami: What responsibilities come with your role as online content editor?
Georgie: I am responsible for developing creative marketing angles which engage and inspire customers but are also commercial and drive revenue. I work alongside the Head of Creative Marketing to develop, set and maintain the editorial voice of the Urban Outfitters brand across all facets and channels for European territories. I manage the editorial calendar and strategy, organise dedicated content shoots and coordinate global and regional campaigns.

S: How often do you update content on the Urban Outfitters blog?
G: The blog is currently undergoing a redesign, however I monitor the analytics closely to understand what content types resonate with our audience. I plan editorial stories and features on a monthly basis, some weeks will have four stories, some will have one. It’s all about creating and curating interesting, relevant and expert content that people actually get something from. With the appetite for valuable content only increasing, it’s crucial to invest in quality content, not click bait.

Fashion brands are no longer just about trends, they are storytellers; they represent a mind-set, a lifestyle, a point of view


S: How do you source contributors and decide what content is best to publish?
G: It’s about curating content which is on-brand, reactive or seasonally relevant to our audience. Fashion brands are no longer just about trends, they are storytellers; they represent a mind-set, a lifestyle, a point of view. Therefore we come up with angles and feature ideas which excite us, and then decide on the best way to tell the story – who would add value as a contributor, whether it would have more impact as an Instagram story, interview, editorial feature, video, listicle or gallery edit.

The two main factors of successful content are channel and authority. Is it platform appropriate? If it’s a video, does it have captions, is it in square format for social, does it engage in the first 3 seconds? If it’s an editorial piece, would it be better as a listicle rather than long-form feature so it’s more digestible on mobile? Anything you publish must have a purpose, is it to build awareness, engagement or conversion? The brand values and tone of voice must always be evident and content should ultimately be created to enhance customer experience and loyalty. Writing a post just because another brand has done it is pointless, you have to be original.

S: Urban Outfitters Europe must have to demonstrate an understanding of an international audience. How do Urban achieve this?
G: We have international teams and are always checking in with our stores across the world who run local UO social accounts for their stores. From product to messaging, everything is considered per region to ensure it is relevant and exciting to that market, whilst still unmistakably Urban Outfitters. We also have an international translations team who offer invaluable insights and ideas for their home markets.

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