Interview: Delight A Thief, the psychedelic rock band from Bath

March 31, 2018

The milk promo event at Moles on Thursday 15th March was a huge success, and as headline act we were lucky enough to have Bath-based psychedelic rock band Delight a Thief. Adaam Rajani sat down with the band’s lead singer Harmony Knight to find out more about their music.

As a group, who are your biggest influences in music?

Personally I’d probably say Pink Floyd and Sticky Fingers, but all of us in the band come from so many different genres, our bassist (Matt Laursen) loves Metalhead, our keyboard player (Sindbad Gilliam) is a dub fan, and Danny Waldron on drums is a hip hop fan so it’s hard to say just one, we’re influenced by all sorts in one way or another.

What sort of effect does that diversity in interest have on the band?

It definitely gives us our own personal sound, something which isn’t always easy to come by so we definitely see it as a positive.

Where do you hope Delight a Thief will be in five years?

I see all of us hopefully playing some fat festivals! Boomtown’s the dream!

What was the biggest cockup you’ve made on stage?

I said the wrong band’s name! So, it was the headliner, I said “Slap Traffic” instead of “Switch Violet”, who’s my drummer’s band, not even close. That was embarrassing, but no major mistakes performance wise, touch wood!

What sort of themes and topics do you find yourself returning to when writing?

We do talk about going out a lot, the party scene, not in that way, not in an ugly way. We like examining young culture and the whole experience of it, hopefully stuff that people can relate to.

What genre of music do you most identify with?

At the moment we’re calling ourselves psychedelic progressive rock.

You recently competed in the Battle of the Bands at the Bath Spa SU, how was that?

It was good fun, everyone involved were great, we get along well with the other bands so that friendly rivalry is always a good thing to be a part of.

And you won the people’s vote?

And we won the people’s vote, thank you for bringing that up. It was very unexpected but a lovely confidence boost. We’re into the final now, Friday 16th March, back at the SU, so everybody please come down.

So, what’s next for Delight a Thief?

At the moment we’re working on our single release which will be out in the next couple of months, called “Loud Noises” so keep an eye out for that. We’re also putting together an EP which will be out a little later; hopefully we’ll have another single release out before that.  

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