milk. Reviews: Where There’s A Will

March 12, 2016
Image courtesy of The Egg Theatre, Bath

© The Egg Theatre, Bath

The Egg, at the Theatre Royal, has been host to a string of innovative and young minded performances and recently premiered a new script, written by Stewart Melton and directed by Ian Nicholson. BSU’s OnSet productions gathered together a first-rate cast of theatre students to put on a performance of Where There’s A Will, a comic biographical play about one of the most famous playwrights in history, Shakespeare.

In an imaginative use of the intimate oval space of The Egg, we are brought a somewhat suspect telling of the mysterious life of Shakespeare. The great characters associated with Shakespeare, his wife Anne Hathaway, his tragically dead son Hamlet and his children, even the contemporary playwright Christopher Marlowe, are brought to life through pin sharp acting. In scenes that are spectacular and at times outrageous, a tale of family, adventure and passion is woven.

Image courtesy of The Egg Theatre, Bath

© The Egg Theatre, Bath

Not forgotten, is the age-old theatrical tradition of cross-dressing, which is used to hilarious effect throughout the play, and by some of its most important personalities. Using a skeleton cast, the players switch back and forth between roles, at times challenging social convention, and rotating through a colourfully imagined portrayal of Shakespeare’s life.

Where There’s a Will  is a fantastic and original experience fit for all ages. The play expresses an ongoing reverence for the work of Shakespeare, but does so by playfully questioning our perceptions of the man himself.

Where There’s a Will has now finished its three night stint at The Egg. Look out for future OnSet productions at BSU OnSet.

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