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Wells Food Festival

Article by Daisy-May Chivers-Black October 23, 2015


Enjoy your purchases next to the stunning Bishop’s Palace.

Usually a haven of peace and tranquillity, the quiet city of Wells was transformed on Sunday 11th October into a bustling mecca of fantastic food. When I arrive I find the streets filled with stalls boasting all sorts of wonderful goodies, the smell of freshly cooked pizza drifts through the air, and the sweet sound of a single whistle player just about makes it through the excited hum of chattering food fanatics.


Daisy tucking into Lynda’s delicious Green & Blacks chocolate cake. Credit: Tamara Chivers

After watching the live demo put on by Lynda of Lynda’s Loaf Organic Bakery for milk. last year I couldn’t resist checking out what she had on offer this year. A glorious array of tantalising tray bakes, placed alongside a selection of breads catches my eye immediately. But, it’s the cakes that really steal the show. Generous slices of Victoria Sponge, oozing with jam and cream get my stomach rumbling but, when I spot Lynda’s Green and Blacks chocolate cake I know that I’ve found true love. Rich sponge cake generously filled with even richer buttercream and topped with dark chocolate icing, standing on the streets of Wells I’ve been transported to chocolate-heaven. Made with organic ingredients, these cakes are an absolute steal at £2.50 per absolutely ginormous slice! And, not only can you buy her gorgeous cakes, tray bakes, and flatbreads, you can even watch them being made, with Lynda serving her flatbreads straight from the oven.

Check out Lynda’s 2014 live demo for milk. at

And, find Lynda’s Loaf on Facebook at:


The Batch Farm Cheesemakers’ stunning selection!

After indulging in Lynda’s world of organic yumminess I continue my tour of the Wells Food Festival. From jams to chilli sauce, cheese to fresh veg this food festival really has it all. As I squeeze my way through the crowded marquee my eye is drawn to an absolutely enormous wheel of cheese. Upon closer inspection I find that this wonderful specimen belongs to the Batch Farm Cheesemakers. This stall not only sells regular flavours such as blue stilton, but also a spring onion cheese and even a sundried tomato and basil variety. I love to go to food festivals and markets because you always find something that little bit different and the Batch Farm cheese stall is no exception.

Want to know more about Batch Farm Cheesemakers? Check out their website:

Now that my cake has gone down, I’ve built up a bit of an appetite weaving in and out of market stalls and hungry food-lovers. The smell of freshly cooked pizza becomes too much to resist and I find myself walking towards a stall named Field to Fire. As I get closer I see the flicker of flames and a freshly cooked pizza emerging on a shining silver peel. These wood fired pizzas are made to order and can be covered in a variety of toppings. Costing £6 per pizza and 60p per topping, my stomach wins again and I just can’t stop myself.

Find Field to Fire at:


Pick up a bottle of wonderful Worley’s Cider.

To wash down the pizza I decide that some traditional Somerset cider wouldn’t be a bad idea so I head over to the hustle and bustle of the Worley’s Cider Bar. The Worley marquee is teaming with people and after one sip I can definitely see why. Cider maker Neil mans the bar, serving pints to his parched customers. And, if you feel like getting ready for the festive season you could even order a cup of mulled cider, a surprisingly welcome relief in the breezy city of Wells.

Have I got your taste buds tingling? Find out how you can get your hands on some Worley’s cider at:

My thirst sated, my stomach achingly full and my purse pretty much empty I decide to wave goodbye to the Wells Food Festival and head back to milk. HQ.

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Images: Daisy-May Chivers-Black, Tamara Chivers.




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