The Little Christmas: It’s A Wonderful Life

Article by Hannah Williams December 14, 2016

Fans of the the Little Theatre Picturehouse in Bath will be familiar with Vintage Sunday’s. Each Sunday, the Little Theatre takes us back to the days of classic films, where we can lose ourselves in the past for a few hours. Bath’s old-school cinema is the best place to be; with its authentic and unique decor, it really is a blast from the past.

Christmas is fast approaching and The Little Theatre has lined up one of the greatest Christmas films of all time to be shown on the big screen: It’s A Wonderful Life (1946), on Sunday 18 December. After living a coloured and problematic life, George Bailey finds himself about to commit suicide one Christmas Eve. As he’s preparing to jump off the bridge, his guardian angel, Clarence Oddbody, appears to show him an alternate timeline in which George never existed. As they journey through the George-less world, he learns how much of an impact his life has had on others, returning to his family to happily celebrate Christmas.

Many of us believe people are more likely to commit suicide around the holiday period due to financial worries or loneliness. This is actually a myth, however it doesn’t lessen the stress piled on top of people, making them forget the simple things in life. It’s A Wonderful Life reminds us that we’re all important and whether it’s easy or not, life without us wouldn’t be the same.

Christmas is truly about bringing people together and It’s A Wonderful Life reflects this. It allows those of an older generation to re-live their youth in front of the black and white movie, sharing it with a fresh and younger audience who may not have witnessed the wonder of such a classic yet. There really is nothing like the dim lights and faint sounds of packets rustling and popcorn crunching in a classic cinema with a bunch of people all losing themselves to the festive spirit.

Vintage Sunday’s aim is to put ‘classic films back on the big screen where they belong’ and that’s exactly what they do. Allow yourself the perfect Sunday and spend time with family, friends and loved ones. It’s A Wonderful Life starts at 1pm, take the opportunity for last minute Christmas shopping before the countdown to Christmas really begins. A masterful film starring James Stewart in one of his finest performances, you’d be a Christmas Scrooge not to go down to the Little Theatre for the viewing on 18 December.


Feature Image: © It’s A Wonderful Life / Via WikiMedia Commons

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