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The Bath Spa “Seasons Food Enterprise” Launch: Locally Yours

Article by Maria Sidawi April 20, 2018
Seasons Food Enterprise Project HEADER elaine-casap-on-unsplash

The Seasons Food Enterprise is an exciting project led by various students from Bath Spa University with aims to make a positive impact on across the food enterprise, campus, wellbeing and sustainability. The Seasons Food Enterprise is set to launch 25 April.  While this is just the beginning, writer and project member Maria Sidawi can see a bright future ahead for the food enterprise.

Seasons Food Enterprise is a student led project to promote for sustainable and self-sufficient food that provides to both students and, in the future, the wider community. The project started in February 2018 when like-minded students passionate about healthy, local produce displayed an interest in the NUS-funded Student Eats project. NUS Student Eats puts sustainable food at the heart of universities across the UK.

Currently, we are a small team of four running the Seasons Food Enterprise. We are still growing as a team and would love to hear from students interested in joining the Seasons Food Enterprise team through our Facebook page.

Seasons Food Enterprise Logo

Our team comprises of myself, Maria Sidawi, working on social media and marketing, Virgina De Castro as our impact officer, Lara Fay building supplier relationships with local producers and Charlie Penfold in charge of events and marketing.

We plan to grow vegetables in our allotment in Oldfield Park and we’ll be using the harvest as a part of the food enterprise on campus. We want to push positive well-being as a big part of the Seasons Food Enterprise to encourage students to get outside. Gardening is very therapeutic and it helps students to engage in environmental issues.

Image of allotment being built with view of city behind

Background noise falls away and you can escape from other people’s thoughts and judgments, so that within a garden there is, perhaps, more freedom to feel good about yourself – Sue Stuart-Smith

We want to create an awareness of healthy eating, sourcing sustainably and the impact on the environment. Most of all, though, we want to make produce accessible and affordable. The Seasons Food Enterprise wants to help provide students with affordable organic food by making the price of what we sell as low as possible as we believe what puts people off of buying local produce is the cost that comes with it.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our launch event on 25 April between 11am and 2pm. We are going to sell soups made from local vegetables at the Student’s Union, Newton Park Campus to promote our project to all students.

To learn more about the Seasons Food Enterprise, find us on Facebook and come to our launch on 25 April!

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