#milkpresents Saint Loe, an interview before the event

Article by Abigail Bickle December 5, 2016

On 6 December join #milk as they host a night at The Nest with #Squark. Headlining the night is Saint Loe, a four-piece pop-rock band based in Bath. We sat down with the boys over lunch to have a chat about their music and get to know them a little better before the big event.

How did you guys form as a band? 

The twins Dan (acoustic guitar and vocals) and Alex (bass and vocals) have been playing together for quite a few years now and started the band with ex-member Ryan. Ben (lead guitar and vocals) then joined the band last October with Danny (drums and vocals) at the beginning of this year.

What other bands or artists inspire your own music? 

Between us we have quite an eclectic taste. Artists like John Mayer, The Beatles, Jamie Cullum and James Blunt really influence us, but we would say that our pop-rock sound is similar to the likes of Mcfly.

Are there any particular skills, other than musical talent, that are required to be in a band? 

Obviously team-work and time-management are the big ones. It’s important to support each other and if you’re passionate about the music then you’ll find that a lot of your social life is often about music too. Going to gigs of other local bands – and being friends with people who have a musical interest too – means you don’t need to carve out so much time as the two kind of cross over anyway. And of course, there’s the three C’s: cooperation, collaboration and compromise.

Have you been to any great gigs recently that stood out to you? 

Olly Murs. Even if you don’t like his music, you have to appreciate how much of a showman he is when he’s on stage.

What’s the best part about playing at your own gigs? 

It’s the best feeling when you’re playing and there’s a few people dancing and you start to see a crowd form. It’s even better when the audience sings your songs back at you and the feedback from people after the gig is always appreciated too.

© Colin Hawkins

© Colin Hawkins

Is there a specific process that you guys go through to create your music? 

It depends, sometimes we’ll work on songs that one of us has previously created and finish them together. Usually we’ll work on a catchy melody and always add the lyrics last. Ben is particularly good at writing harmonies.

Who have you been listening to recently? 

Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper, A Tribe Called Quest’s new album (We Got It From Here… Thanks 4 Your Service), Joey Landreth, WardThomas and Eliza And The Bear – we actually supported them not that long ago!

Do you have a personal favourite of your own songs? 

Fall In is a great one to perform, it was co-written by previous member Ryan and involves a four-part vocal harmony. Hey Girl is a new one we’ve just finished putting together and we’re all really excited to play it, that often happens when you create a new song. Lose That Guy is one that’s a bit like a Bruno Mars song, it draws influence from music decades ago and makes you want to get up and dance.

Where can people find your music? 

We’re on Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube all under the name SaintLoeBand, and of course, we’ll be playing live at The Nest on the December 6 where we’ll be debuting some of our new material.

Come along to #milkpresents a night at The Nest with five very own talented acts from Bath Spa University for you to enjoy. Doors open at 7.30 with entry at only £3; it’s £2 for anyone with a Squark badge!

Feature image:  © Colin Hawkins

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