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Remy Suzanne’s Breakdancing Classes

Article by Emily Pritchard February 25, 2016

As a busy student, it’s important to have a hobby or activity you can engage in that will temporarily take you away from the stresses of university life. As assessment deadlines approach, your studies can become your primary concern, but it helps to stay active and sociable. Dance in particular, is a great form of physical activity that can allow you to let go of your long to-do lists and enjoy music. If you have a keen interest in an energetic and acrobatic style of dance, or simply fancy trying out something new, Remy may have a great opportunity for you to get involved with.

Remy Suzanne has recently launched breakdancing classes in Bath and Bristol, which are both accessible for those who live in Somerset. These innovative classes will not only get your feet moving, but will also enlighten you to the multi-cultural dance styles that form Remy’s own unique style of dance. Remy celebrates the joining of dance styles by blending a variety of cultural inspirations such as Latino, African, Contemporary and Street into his acrobatic dance.

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Not only are these energetic dance classes a great opportunity to put your books down and your busy schedule to one side, but they are also a fun and healthy way to improve your fitness. Remy’s breakdancing classes can provide you with a number of great health benefits such as strengthening your core muscles, working on your flexibility and even building up your stamina. What puts this activity aside from going to your local gym is that it allows you to get fit and have fun.

Remy himself says: ‘I’ve discovered through my teaching that many people love the idea of breakdance but hold the belief that they wouldn’t be able to participate. I’m here to say that breakdance is for everyone who enjoys movement, music and dance! It takes hard work and dedication, but it’s great fun that we can all enjoy. I welcome everyone of all ages and backgrounds to my classes; my aim is to break boundaries through the medium of dance’.


© Remy Suzanne for milk. magazine

On top of this great opportunity to take a break from your hard work, Remy is also interested in setting up classes specifically for BSU students, and is generously offering a free trial session to get you started. This offer can only be claimed if you mention milk. magazine when contacting Remy Suzanne to book your first free session!

For further information in regards to times, venues and bookings classes, feel free to contact Remy directly:

Telephone: 07927 062169

You can also find Remy Suzanne on Facebook and YouTube.

Got your dancing shoes on? Let us know how you got on in the classes by commenting below or by tweeting us @MilkBathSpa.

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