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Article by Sarah McCann April 21, 2015

I’ve recently noticed that I’ve have been reading less and less for enjoyment and more and more for my curriculum. University life seems to have taken over, and all those books I keep planning to read are stacking up. I decided to ask a few students about their favourite books in the hunt for one that even the busiest of students will find time to read.
Cover of American GodsJennifer Vennall, Creative Writing and Publishing student

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

What makes American Gods your favourite novel?

It’s a really interesting look at America and how it’s changed, and the ways in which it treats faith. One of the characters, Wednesday, you don’t know if he’s a man or superhuman because throughout the novel he ends up meeting all the different kinds of Gods who have been brought over to America by the imagination of immigrants.

How would you encourage other BSU students to read this book?

For anyone studying Creative Writing, Gaiman always has the most amazing tips and ideas for writers.

Do you feel as a student you have enough time to read?

At the beginning of the year, yes, I just crammed as many books in as I could. Now, with upcoming assignments I just don’t have the time.


Phoebe Burt, English Literature and Publishing student

Cover of the Catcher of the RyaThe Catcher in the Rye
 by J.D. Salinger

What makes The Catcher in the Rye your favourite novel?

I read it a few years ago and I just fell in love with it. It’s an amazing book and it’s really well written.

How would you encourage other BSU students to read this book?

It’s a really different book to anything that you would have read before. There are different ways to interpret it and everyone who reads it has an individual feeling about it. Also, if you Google it, you’ll read about all the back story and that’ll make you want to read it even more. A lot of serial killers have used it to justify their killings.

Do you feel you have enough time to read as a student?

I don’t feel I have enough time; I haven’t read anything recently other than the books on my reading list.


Jamie Barber Tyson, Contemporary Arts Practice student

Cover of Watership DownWatership Down
by Richard Adams

What makes Watership Down your favourite novel?

I grew up in the countryside so there were always rabbits around. It just reminds me of home. It was my favourite novel as a kid, though the film did scare me. The book wasn’t as scary as the film.

How would you encourage other BSU students to read this book?

It just makes you think. It’s a story about good versus evil.
Cover of Memoirs of a GeishaAlison Duckworth, Contemporary Arts Practice student

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

What makes Memoirs of a Geisha your favourite novel?

I just think it’s really intricate. You’re seeing it from the perspective of a trainee Geisha. You always hear about them and there’s a perception that they have it so easy. It shows the idea of being a Geisha from a different perspective, and highlights the realities of what they have to go through. Many people aren’t aware of these realities.

How would you encourage other BSU students to read this book?

Read it to educate yourself about a different way of life, and definitely before you watch the film.


Elysia Collins, English Literature and Publishing student

Cover of Gone GirlGone Girl
 by Gillian Flynn

What makes Gone Girl your favourite novel?

It made me think a lot, and although I’m only nineteen, it made me wonder about marriage and relationships. I like thriller books and I’ve recently started reading another one of Gillian Flynn’s novels, Dark Places. It’s really quite twisted. I just connect with the style of writing she uses.

Do you feel you have enough time to read as a student?

Well it’s hard to fit it all in, but I just love reading so much.

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