Make A Love Bug

Article by Ellie Halls February 17, 2015

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you don’t fancy buying the cards in the shops, here’s a cute alternative for you: a love note in an origami butterfly. Don’t know how to make one? milk. has a step-by step tutorial right here.

These butterflies can be made with any size piece of paper. In this tutorial I used A4 pink paper to get in the Valentine mood.

You will need:
A piece of paper
16287666777_69f31bae6b_kStep One:
If you have a rectangular piece of paper, you will need to make it into a square. To do so, place your paper in a landscape position, take the left edge and fold it against the bottom edge.

Step Two:
You now need to cut along the right edge of the square (see the dashed line in the picture).





16287673727_84e701a8da_kStep Three:
When you unfold the square you will have a diagonal line across it. You should now create another diagonal fold between the other two corners.






16287656887_7596f8d325_zStep Four:
Unfold it again and flip over your piece of paper so that it is faced down. You then need to fold the paper in half horizontally and vertically before unfolding it again and turning the paper face up.






15853457673_a3c08961cb_kStep Five:
Write your message for your loved one.




Step Six:
Following the pictures, fold the edges of line 1 down to meet at line 2. Then fold this down flat to create a triangle.



Step Seven:
Take the top layer of the left corner and fold it up to meet the top corner. Do the same with the top layer of the right corner as well.



Step Eight:
You should now flip the paper over so the triangle is pointing towards you.

Step Nine:
Now take the top layer of the bottom corner and fold it upwards so that it pokes over the top edge slightly. Be careful to only flatten the centre of this fold, not the edges.

Step Ten:
Turn over your paper and fold the little triangle at the top down towards you.


Step Eleven:
With the little triangle facing inwards, gently fold your butterfly in half and pinch at the centre to secure the fold. When you let go you should have your love bug!



16473502585_7651aa8dfa_kStep Twelve:
This is an optional step for those wanting to decorate your love bug.

Let us know how you got on, tweet us at @MilkBathSpa

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy folding!


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