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An Insider’s Guide: InterRailing

Article by Laurie Newman October 2, 2015

Mykonos, Greece. Picture Credit: Laurie Newman

We often travel halfway across the world in order to seek adventure, meanwhile forgetting the many beautiful destinations Europe holds. As students, we are fortunate enough to enjoy long summer holidays, meaning we have an abundance of free time to visit some of Europe’s hidden treasures. One way to really explore, and cram in as much as possible, is through an InterRail pass. With one of these, you can visit thirty countries in what is arguably the best way: by train.

One of the many benefits of travelling by train is the option to travel overnight. Not only does this save money on hostels, it also allows you to ‘kill time’ travelling towards your next destination. For me, there is nothing more exciting than waking up in a country that I’ve not seen before.

I wanted my InterRailing experience to be filled with as many different locations as possible, so we opted for the Global Pass. Within six weeks we were able to work our way from Istanbul in Turkey to Morocco. Backpacking our way along the European coastline, we managed to cram in ten countries, beginning with the archipelagos of Greece and Croatia and finishing by getting lost amid the dusty souks of Marrakech.

The Global Pass

There are two types of passes that allow you to hop on and off trains across Europe for a set fee: the Global Pass and the One Country Pass. If you’re itching to cover as many countries as possible – like I was – then the Global Pass is for you, as it entitles you to visit thirty countries by train. And better still, the InterRail pass is not entirely restricted to travel on trains, as some ferry companies and public transport services also recognise it. Depending on the duration of your trip, a range of price options enable you to travel on a specific number of days. For example, if you choose a ‘ten days within 22 days’ you are only eligible to travel on the trains for ten of the total number of days.

For more information about the Global Pass visit: http://www.interrail.eu/interrail-passes/global-pass

The One Country Pass

Only want to visit one country and cover every corner? Then the One Country Pass is more suitable. You can get One Country Passes to Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and many other destinations.

For a full list of One Country Passes visit: http://www.interrail.eu/interrail-passes/one-country-pass

Making Reservations

One of the drawbacks of travelling in the summer months is how busy Europe can be. There is also a limited number of seats on trains, and even with the best forward-planning, you can sometimes be caught out and end up without a space. If you know that you want to be on a particular train then make sure you’re clued up on whether you need to reserve it or not.

For more reservation information visit: http://www.interrail.eu/plan-your-trip/guide-interrail-train-reservations


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